Why I think the Glock is KING!

April 30, 2009

In case you didn’t know, one of the requirements of being a gun enthusiast is you must be VERY opinionated when it comes to guns, caliber, ammo etc.  It’s one of those silly unwritten rules.  Everyone either loves or hates something, and we do so with strong passion.  So in keeping with this unwritten rule, I also have an opinion on which handgun is the best.  I figure I better weigh in on the debate and voice my opinion to the world.  My opinion is…drum role please…The KING of handguns is the Glock!  There is no other gun currently made that can top the Glock.  It’s just a fact of life.


Now before you start leaving me nasty comments or sending me hate email, let me back up my opinion with 5 key reasons why I think Glock is KING.


1.      Reliability:  The Glock is famous the world over for its unwavering reliability.  It has been torture tested over and over again and continues to prove that it is one of the most reliable handguns ever made.  If you are looking for a reliable handgun that you know will fire every time you press the trigger, buy a Glock.  If reliability is not that important to you, buy something else.

2.      Low profile/low center of gravity:  The slide on the Glock has been designed to sit very low in your hand compared to say, the Springfield XD.  You can notice this difference easily be simply holding either in your hand and you can feel that the Glock’s weight is lower in your hand.  The low center of gravity allows recoil to push straight back on the shooters wrist/hand instead of rocking the wrist/hand up and back.  This makes is easier and quicker to get the sights back on target for the follow up shot.

3.      Trigger reset:  For those of you who don’t know what trigger reset it, let me explain.  After you press the trigger on any gun, you then must let the trigger forward in order to reset it for the next shot.  What many people don’t realize is that you don’t have to let the trigger move all the way forward to reset it.  On a Glock, the distance you have to let the trigger move forward in order to reset is MUCH shorter than many other guns.  This means that the shooter is only required to move his trigger finger a short distance with each shot, and less trigger finger movement means follow up shots are quicker and more accurate.  The trigger reset on the Glock is awesome.

4.      Durability:  Not only is the Glock reliable, but it has crazy durability as well.  I don’t know how many rounds I’ve put through my Glock 23, but it’s upwards of 10,000+.  In that time I have not had to replace a single part, spring or component or anything.  Glocks just hold together and keep asking for more.  For my hard earned money I want a workhorse of a gun, and that’s why I buy Glocks.

5.      Simple design:  The simple design of the Glock is quite amazing.  You don’t have to worry about safeties, decockers, external hammers or any of that stuff.  When you are ready to shoot you simply line up the sights and press the trigger.  That’s it!  I have trained alongside others who were using fancy Sig, Kimber, Berretta, H&K, you name it.  And I was always faster because I didn’t have to worry about putting the safety on or off, or decocking the hammer.  Point, shoot, repeat.  That’s all you have to do a Glock.


There are other reasons why I think the Glock pistols are king over all others, but I’ll save those for part 2.  Besides, with what I’ve given you thus far there should be no question in your mind as to which gun you should buy next, right?  Buy and GLOCK and never look back.



Written by Garren Christensen

Founder of Personal Liberties Institute

World class firearms training in Parker Colorado




Can taking a handgun class improve your love life?

April 24, 2009

Do I really think taking my handgun class can help you in your marriage/relationship?  ABSOLUTELY!  Now I’m not saying it will help all marriages, nor am I claiming that those of you who have serious marital problems should not seek professional help.  But in my own way, I do feel I can offer some help to those couples who come to my class with an open mind and are willing to learn.


Throughout the years I have had the opportunity to talk to many friends about guns.  I cannot tell you how many times I have heard a friend’s wife say, “there is NO way I will allow guns in the home!”  When pressed for a reason why they usually sight some sort of skewed statistic of violence and danger, or recount an urban myth story that happened to a friend’s sister’s cousin’s boyfriend’s uncle’s co-worker.  No matter the reason, they simply do not want to have any sort of firearm in the home.  Most of the time this is the end of the discussion; there is no debate, no arguing the point; guns will simply not be allowed in the home under any circumstances at all.  This difference of opinion about guns in the home causes legitimate contention in the marriage.  This is where I can help.


If you can relate to this situation in any way then I am here to tell you that there is hope.  All you have to do is negotiate with your loved one to attend one of my professional handgun classes, and together we might be able to find a solution.  The following example illustrates how PLI training can help.


In human nature, we general fear those things we don’t fully understand.  Let’s take the fear of snakes for example.  Many times when people have a fear of snakes it is because they don’t fully understand them.  When asked about passed experiences with snakes, they may recall a scary situation they had as a child when a snake “jumped” out at them.  Or they may remember some movie where the giant 75 foot anacondas killed all the towns’ folk before the hero was able to save the day.  Many times having a fear of snakes is founded on overly exaggerated and non-typical experiences that in no way accurately reflect the true nature of snakes.  Therefore, a fear of snakes can often be totally overcome if the person learns the true nature of these wonderful animals.  They are generally not a threat, and 75 foot anacondas actually do not exist and will not kill all the towns’ folk.


A fear of snakes is very similar to a person’s fear of guns.  Unfortunately, the topic of guns is surrounded by a lot of bad press.  Guns end up being the scapegoat for death and destruction when in reality guns have nothing to do with violence; it’s the people using the guns that are to blame.  We are bombarded in the news, movies and urban myths where the truth about guns is exaggerated or taken completely out of context.  With all of this it’s no wonder that many people these days only know one side about guns – the bad side.


But just like a fear of snakes or any other phobia a person may have, the best way to overcome the fear is to face it head on.  To learn the true nature about guns in a safe, controlled and friendly environment is the best way for a person to feel more comfortable around them.


I have had many students, women and men, take my handgun class who had a true fear of guns when we started.  However, I have yet to have a person go through my class who has not had a total and complete reversal of their fear of guns by the end of the day.  After every class I ask each student to share their thoughts on what they learned and what was their favorite part of the class.  The most profound comments come from those students who started the day with a fear or dislike for guns.  But now they have a whole new appreciation for guns, they understand that they are safe and they know how to use them well.  They now see for themselves that there is a right way and a wrong way to handle guns and the right way is extremely safe.  Guns don’t just go off on their own and start shooting people randomly.  And the biggest thing they learn is that shooting is extremely FUN!


So if your significant other is a person who will not allow guns in the home and this is causing a source of contention in your marriage.  THE best method for a happier marriage is for both of you to sign up for one of my classes as soon as possible.  Go to www.garrensguns.com and register now and soon your marriage will be happier than you ever thought possible.


Written by

Garren Christensen


Personal Liberties Institute

Learn – Value – Defend




April 15, 2009

New website is up and running, be warned it’s VERY basic, but I’m officially on the web now! http://www.garrensguns.com check is out and send feedback!


April 6, 2009

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April 2, 2009

Well, my future is now been freed up as I am no longer employed with Illumen. Looks like I need to work double time to build my CCW classes


March 30, 2009

Had another great CCW class this weekend. I really love teaching firearms skills. Going to start developing an advanced handgun class.


March 25, 2009

VERY WELL PUT!!!! We need more people to stand up to the spending like this. http://ping.fm/04pI2